Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Special Accommodation Offer for December 2018

It is school holiday, year end and ave of new year. So let spend time with family and stay with us at  #MprivacySuite in Kota Bharu.

Jom! sangat berbaloi dengan kadar rendah, homestay di Kota Bharu, Malaysia hanya RM159 Nett untuk kondominium 2 bilik dengan kemudahan parking dan kolam renang serta betul-betul di tengah bandaraya Kota Bharu. Pemandangan pun cantik dari tingkat 18.

Untuk pertanyaan dan booking sila whatsapp ke 012-9530959

find more about us, type #MprivacySuite

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Special Deco and Discount for Special Guests in 2018 at #MprivacySuite

Hi guys! Welcome to #MprivacySuite #Homestay

Let me show you the latest deco that I prepared for my friends checked-in last weekend. And off course I do the same for you. Just call us, or whatapp us and book for your stay..

The rate is more value for money from Jan to March 2018 which is RM150 - RM190 nett for 2 rooms condominium / Apartment.

Contact me at my number 6012-9530959

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Condominium Homestay Promosi 2017

Untuk makluman semua, kadar charge atau rate kami untuk homestay berkolam renang masih sama seperti tahun 2016.

For your info, our rate for apartment, condo homestay with swimming pool is still the same as per 2016.

Condo kami dilengkapi kolam renang dewasa dan kanak-kanak, sauna, taman permainan kanak-kanak.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Condo Guest House Promotion: April & May 2016

Hello, i have good news for you guys.

There is another special offer this month and next month from MprivacySuite as follow;

3 Bedrooms Condominium @ Guest House 
suits for a whole family 6 - 10 people:

RM230 nett only for 2D1N stay
RM430 nett only for 3D2N stay
RM600 nett only for 4D3N stay

2 Bedrooms Condominium suits for 3 - 5 people:

RM195 nett only for 2D1N stay
RM370 nett only for 3D2N stay
RM520 nett only for 4D3N stay

 Big Studio Condo
..and more special package for couple or small family on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday:

We open our house for 1 master bedroom with Living Room, Bathroom and Kitchen with special rate, ONLY RM150 per night.

Our condo guesthouse is complete just like your home, it is vacation home for you and love one to relax and enjoy the Kelantanese Malay Hospitality and Culture.

As for apartment pictures and references about tourist attraction, you may refer to previous post entry below..

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Special Promotion from Jan 2016 to March 2016

Visit Kelantan 2016

Sebagai tanda penghargaan dan mengalu-alukan kedatangan pelancong ke Kelantan sempena Tahun Melawat Kelantan 2016, kami di MprivacySuite menawarkan harga yang istimewa untuk anda semua.

There is special rate promo for accommodation in Kota Bharu, Kelantan. Consider it as our gift for you for visiting Kelantan in 2016.

Our rate for river view condominium unit, either you call it homestay, serviced apartment or guest house is so special as low as RM135 per night. The unit is complete just like home with washing machine, kitchen etc and do not forget that we have swimming pools for adult and kids. Come and enjoy. Call us for booking and package

Location? Exactly in Kota Bharu city center with walking distance to all tourist spots. For details of the packages, you may refer to my previous post as well, with more special rate.

Believe me this is heaven for you when you can enjoy the home with family, with nice scenery. This is good time for everybody to enjoy the blue sky and take a deep breath at our 'windy home'. See the picture

Contact us at +6 012-9530959 for any inquiry

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Murtabak Raja: A Special Food from Kelantan, Malaysia

Murtabak Raja is not a normal Murtabak. It is originally a special murtabak served to Sultan or King's family in Kelantan from one generation to one generation and now it is commercialised and become Kelantanese specialty.

and one of the fast learner whom has passion on food is my mum. She learn to prepare and cook the Murtabak Raja from one of the Sifu in Kota Bharu, Kelantan.


Saturday, October 26, 2013

Universiti Malaysia Kelantan Convocation


Tahniah kepada graduan Universiti Malaysia Kelantan yang meraikan Convocation ke-3 hari ini, 26 October 2013. Thank you very much for some of u whom staying with us for this event. Yup, our location is just beside the Grand River View Hotel; the venue for the convocation. Good choice!